Mario Bruggmann now responsible for Global Supply Chain Development

Mario Bruggmann now responsible for Global Supply Chain Development

Friday, 20. November 2020, November 20th, 2020

"Transforming the supply chain of JMH into an agile ecosystem"

Mario Bruggmann joined JMH on November 1, 2020 as Head of Global Supply Chain Development. As an employee of the newly created Corporate Service Center of JMH, he is responsible for the management of the entire value chain of the JMH companies. In his role, he is responsible for checking the processes from purchasing from suppliers, through production and internal process management, to the delivery of the product to the customer. "Supply Chain Management is not a department, it is an attitude that goes hand in hand with a lot of knowledge about the customers and the products", says Bruggmann. During his induction period, he therefore spends a lot of time in the companies at JMH and gets to know the companies' customers, processes, services and products.

Mario Bruggmann, a trained electronics engineer, became enthusiastic about supply chain management at an early stage. For more than 20 years he has been working in various areas of supply chain management, managing purchasing departments and production centers and has got to know all stages "from the bottom up". He has continued to educate himself and has a Master's degree in Logistics from the HSG and an MBA from the University of Manchester. Bruggmann lives with his life partner in Zurich. He likes to travel and is a passionate skier. In summer he enjoys hiking in Switzerland or jogging or walking on the nearby Üetliberg.

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