Actively shaping change -
Five companies under one umbrella

With its companies Jakob Müller AG, Benninger AG, List Technology AG, TexTrace AG, and Jakob Müller Immobilien AG, Jakob Müller Holding AG has its headquarters in Frick in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland – with a network of global and national connections.

Strong roots and
new horizons

As a Swiss-based company with a long history, tradition plays a major role at Jakob Müller Holding. At the same time, the company has always emphasized concepts such as innovation and technology – and the new generation of management remains committed to them. >>>

The latest news from
the world of JMH

Keep up to date! JMH regularly posts news, images and useful info from its companies here – interesting not only for employees but others, too. More >>>

The kick-off is this week - the EM is just around the corner!
For all those who have already chosen their favorite team, there's our "My EM Masks" with team flag available in the Texmask-store. And for undecided (homesick?) people from Fricktal, we …
Your world. Our technologies. - The new homepage of Jakob Müller AG Frick
Visit the new homepage of Jakob Müller AG Frick and see which technologies and solutions we offer for your world.
myTexmask donates 4
myTexmask, a subsidiary of our Jakob Müller AG Frick based in Frick, donates textile face masks in different colors and sizes to REMAR. REMAR stands for poverty reduction and hidden poverty in …